10 Creative Succulent Planting Ideas

Really, any type of fabric that you’d like to add to your terrarium can be used as decoration.

Many people have heard of terrariums, but they may not be aware of the multitude of different ideas for implementing them in their garden. Creating a terrarium is much more than just putting rocks in a glass container – it’s an opportunity to create an immersive atmosphere that will allow you to really take a look at the plant life in your garden. You can choose from a number of different themes for your terrarium – and some of these are more common than others. Just consider the following ideas for this season’s gardening techniques.

One of the most beautiful ideas for DIY succulents is to start out with a small one, then build a larger one as you go along. Many people enjoy looking at plants in the natural habitat of the wild and adding them to the indoors helps create that same atmosphere. You can find some plants, like Java ferns, that are very easy to care for indoors.

For beginners, many gardeners start with small terrariums. If you have some dried leaves or moss, consider making an artificial moss. You’ll find that this will create a comfortable atmosphere to grow and display succulents inside, as it grows a sort of ephemeral life all on its own.

Another simple idea for succulents is to give them a little texture by wrapping them in large plastic bags. This is the same idea that people use for plant pots, but the shape of the bag is much more useful for your succulents because it makes it more difficult for pests to chew through the sides. Placing the plants inside with a layer of pebbles can help make the material more inviting to pests. You can also place a slightly bigger bag underneath the smaller one, which can help them to remain dry during the summer.

If you’re interested in using flowers, it might be possible to create your own homemade coffee table. For example, it’s easy to make some sort of floral curtain – just grab some flowers, cut a few petals from one flower, and poke several holes in the flower so you can hang it on a wall.

Really, any type of fabric that you’d like to add to your terrarium can be used as decoration. There are a lot of fabric options, such as velvet, Terry cloth, or silk. They’ll look great and they’ll also allow the plants to breathe a bit easier, because they’re not enclosed in a solid block of plants. Just remember to provide a little shade for your succulents while they’re growing inside.

Finding some really cute accents to add to your terrarium is a really good idea. When it comes to making your own terrarium, it’s up to you to decide what type of theme you want it to be – and if you decide to go with something a little more simple, then you can certainly find some beautiful accent objects to help spice things up!

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